Are Glass Bongs Illegal To Carry WIth You? Or Can You Get Arrested?

Glass bongs are also referred to as water pipes and they can be used to smoke legal substances like tobacco or illegal substances like marijuana. Because of this, there's a legal grey area that many people wonder about before they decide to openly carry such an item around in their car or other places. No lawyer is going to tell you that you should, if you can avoid it, carry around one of these items. That's because the Department of Justice in the United States considers glass bongs to be an item that's possible drug paraphernalia. 

Are glass bongs illegal to carry with you?

It would be nice if there was a yes or no answer to this question, but there's very much not. Glass bongs are typically sold as "water pipes" with the instruction that they are to be used only to smoke tobacco. The point is that they're not always used to smoke tobacco and are often used to smoke illegal substances like marijuana. If you're caught carrying one of these in public or in your car, it will be up to the police officer who notices the glass bong as to whether or not he arrests you. Just remember: HE CAN. This type of pipe IS considered to be drug paraphernalia.

The officer may or may not arrest you, depending on whether or not there is any drug residue in the pipe. Remember that tobacco also looks like drug residue and the officer may arrest you based on his assumption of that. Since an officer of the law can arrest you for carrying a glass bong, most lawyers recommend that you don't do so unless it's absolutely necessary to do so.

What to do if you're charged

If a police officer arrests you for carrying a glass bong and/or for having drug residue in the glass bong, you're going to have a court date. You might spend the night in jail. The point is that since all of this can happen, it's best to never carry one of these around if you can. If you've found this information, chances are you're either considering carrying the glass bong around or you've already been charged with this crime.

Drug paraphenelia falls into two categories. It's items that COULD be used to partake of drugs or items that have already been used to partake of drugs. While simply possessing this kind of item may bring a lesser charge, you're still going to have to pay court fees and fines and you might even be left with a criminal record as a result. This is no joking matter. If you've been arrested for this type of crime, you need to contact a lawyer as soon as you can.

A lawyer will review your case and determine whether or not he can help you get a lesser charge or perhaps even probation or some other arrangement that will keep you out of jail and help you avoid a criminal record. If this is a first offense, there's a good chance that a criminal lawyer is going to be able to help you get the charges drastically reduced or even thrown out altogether if no drug residue was found in your glass bong. Courts often look at simple possession charges in a less serious light than they look at possessing drugs. Possessing the item itself can easily be reduced IF you contact a good criminal defense attorney who has handled this type of case before. If you haven't yet been charged, maybe it's time to keep the glass bong at home.