are waist trainers good to workout in

This article discusses whether or not good waist trainers are good to workout in. This is a question we frequently hear, because many people think that if you workout while you wear it - the benefits are compounded. 

1. When working out, you should wear a thin tank top underneath it. When you exercise, you sweat, and this sweat could be trapped underneath your waist trainer and cause acne. Unless you want acne on your chest, or your back, it's a good idea to wear something under your tanktop. 

2. Wear it when doing weight training. The waist trainer will keep your abs tight, and it'll help give your back good posture, which will help you have good "form," when working out. This can result in better muscle gain, and quicker weight loss as well.

3. Don't wear it while doing high intensity cardio or other high intensity excercises which elevate your blood pressure and heart rate. It's important to remember that any waist shaper you wear is condensing your organs. This can make it more difficult to take a deep breath. If you're doing a high intensity work out, you might feint from not having enough brother. You should never wear restrictive clothing, including waist shapers, when doing high intensity workouts.

5. Don't wear the waist trainer when doing core workouts. The waist shaper will restrict you. 

6. Don't wear the waist trainer more than 8 hours per day especially if you're working out. Your body needs time to adapt to the new shape, and wearing it for more than eight hours a day can put a huge strain on your body.

7. Wear the waist trainer on the hook which feels comfortable. It should be the tightest - comfortable - hook, which pushes your body and tightens your waist - but not to the point where it restricts you, and stops you from breathing.