Does Wearing a Corset Make You Skinnier?

If you've ever thought about buying a corset, you've probably wondered if they actually make you thinner. Movies show women of yesteryear donning corsets to achieve 14-inch waists, and you might be tempted to try it yourself. But before you spend months or years trying to make yourself look thinner through the use of a corset, make sure that you have all of the facts. The reality is that a corset can change the appearance of your figure, but whether it makes you skinnier depends on how you define the word. 

What Does a Corset Do? 
A true corset cinches the waist and the rest of the abdomen. Corsets have boning that was once made of animal bone but today can be made of synthetic materials. This boning provides structure and strength to the corset when it is cinched up so that the corset can compress the abdomen. Over repeated use, a corset can rearrange internal organs and compress the rib cage inward, making you appear thinner. 

Is a Corset the Same as a Body Shaper? 
Corsets and body shapers, otherwise known as girdles, are similar in concept, but a corset actually provides more cinching. A body shaper will rearrange the fat around your abdomen and compress your internal organs to a degree. But they are not as drastic as a corset; they won't rearrange your internal organs or cause your bones to compress inwards. 

Are the Effects of a Corset Permanent? 
With a corset, the body will continue to look different even after the corset is removed. But this is only after repeated, long-term use. Furthermore, the results will be most noticeable when the corset is actually being worn. 

Does a Corset Make You Skinnier? 
This is where the definition of the word skinny comes into play. When you wear a corset, your waist will be smaller, but any fat and internal organs will be shifted lower or higher, actually making that part of your body bigger. Furthermore, if you think of skinnier as having less fat, this is not the case. You will still have the same amount of fat. It will only be moved to a slightly different part of the body. So you will appear thinner when you wear a corset, and if you use one for a long time you might even shift your internal organs and bones making your waist smaller after you take the corset off, you will not actually change your body composition. 

If you want to be thinner, a corset can help you achieve a smaller waist. And, it's true, women really did make trim their waists down to 14 inches, but they weren't actually skinnier for having worn the corset.