Does wearing a corset make your waist smaller

This article is contributed by Delancey Street, a premier Los Angeles hard money lender. The term corset is something to be debated by those who are looking to use a traditional boned corset, and others using an elasticated waist trainer. The elasticated waist trainer form of the corset has recently become a major fashion trend after being used by celebrities including the Kardashians and Jessica Alba. The big question those of us who want a slimmer firmer waist are asking is, "does a corset really make my waist smaller?" 

A lack of scientific research 

No matter what the Kardashians may say about the positive effects of a corset, there is little to no evidence of their effectiveness in making a waist slimmer. The burlesque legend, Dita Von Teese states a classic boned corset can reduce the waist size when worn for prolonged periods of time. However, there is no scientific research proving or disproving the effectiveness of the corset in creating a slimmer waist. 

Despite a lack of scientific evidence regarding the use of corsetry, these garments have been proven to have a short-term effect on the human body. The organs, fat deposits, and intestines have been shown to move easily when a corset is used to draw the waist to a smaller size. 

Elasticated waist trainers have positive effects 

The makers of the modern style elasticated waist trainers have stated their version of the corset have been proven to target fat deposits and impurities causing a bloated waist. Among the claims made by the manufacturers of corsets is an increased temperature of the core of the body allowing impurities to sweat out of the system. By restricting the movement of the waist, the wearer's core is made stronger to improve their posture which will create the illusion of a smaller waist. 

A long-term option 

One of the complaints of those who have worn traditional boned corsets for a prolonged period is the lack of expertise for those using elasticated options. Boned corset-makers have been perfecting their art for centuries and can ensure the least amount of impact on the body. Boned corsets have been known to restrict breathing and add pressure to the kidneys and bladder when not worn correctly. 

Most experts agree the use of an elasticated waist trainer is generally a short-term fix for the majority of users. The effects of a boned corset will last for an extended period, but these uncomfortable pieces of clothing must be worn for a long time for the effect to be seen. Elasticated waist trainers will give you a smaller waist for the time the garment is worn but will not reshape the body as many celebrities claim.