Does Wearing a Corset Shape Your Body

Both men and women are using corsets to give them the look of having a tiny waist and an hourglass figure. The process of using a corset to slim the waistline remains all the rage in fashion right now. But does a corset shape the body permanently or temporarily? 

Do Corsets Provide a Permanent Shrinking of the Waistline? 

According to, the slimming effects of a corset are only temporary. What the corset or waist trainer will do, however, is make you look much thinner for the duration of the time that you wear it. Plus, if you see yourself in the mirror, looking slim and trim in a corset, you may gain the self-confidence you need to exercise more and eat properly. But wearing a corset doesn’t actually change the shape of a person’s body, states Dr. Apovian. 
On the other hand, trainers believe that wearing a corset makes your stomach muscles weaker and leads to a larger abdominal area. According to, trainer to the stars, wearing a corset decreases core strength and eliminates the ability for you to have the strong abdominal areas that you desire. 

Corsets do improve your posture, which may make your abdominal area look up to four inches smaller. Also, continually wearing a corset may move your ribcage up, causing your waist to look smaller. 

Are there risks to wearing a corset? 
If you wear your corset too tight, you could experience: 
• Discomfort. 
• Problems breathing. 
• Gastric issues such as heartburn. 
So, if you feel any of these symptoms while wearing a waist training device, take it off or loosen the corset. 

Waist training devices shouldn’t be worn during exercise, either. You may experience problems breathing and back acne from wearing the device that causes extra sweat. 
A proper fitting corset may be okay for use for new moms who have recently given birth, however. As long as the corset remains loose enough, the device may help a new mother feel less jiggly and provide them with self-confidence while they work at tightening their abs after giving birth. The new mom’s uterus will still shrink whenever it wants to, though. 

So, do corsets change the shape of your body? 

No lasting shape change will occur due to wearing a corset. Corsets continue to help you look slimmer while you wear them. But once you take a waist training device off, your body will return to its regular shape and waist measurements.