Everything You Need to Know About Waist Trainers

October 14, 2017

Are you unhappy about your waist size and looking for an alternate way to bring it in a bit? waist trainers have been around for longer than you may think going back to the days of tight corsets and elegant dresses. They're steel-boned corsets which are used to push your waist in to give the body an hour-glass like figure.

waist trainers will slowly work to pull your organs and floating ribs inward and shape your waist to give you the figure you're looking for. The over all effects of waist trainers are only semi-permanent as you must continue to use waist trainers even after you have reached your ultimate goal in order to maintain this figure.
any celebrities have used waist trainers in order to get their beautiful figure. Celebs such as Kim Kardashian use a different type of waist trainer made specifically of latex while working out. This practice however is referred to as waist taming, which is just a little different than waist training.

While waist training will reduce the size of your waist, it does not directly result in weight loss. However, while using a steel-boned corset you will likely not be able to eat as much as you would normally, ultimately resulting in weight loss.

Waist training can be dangerous if you do not do it properly and safely. You should not be wearing a waist trainer too tight resulting in pain, that should be obvious however some people will go too far to get the look they want. After purchasing a waist trainer you must also break it in before starting your training, for your own safety and comfort. This will get your body used to the feeling of wearing a corset and the inner parts of the corset ready for daily wear.

If you're looking for immediate results, you will certainly rush your body and it will be extremely uncomfortable. The best way to go about waist training is slowly and surely. When your body feels as though it is ready to tie your corset tighter, go for it! But if it then too uncomfortable be sure to resort back to where you were before tightening it. 
When getting ready to purchase a corset be sure to measure you're natural waist. You should then reduce the number of your natural waist by four inches and this will be the size corset you should purchase. Always be sure to do some research before purchasing your corset as well to ensure that you are buying a real corset that will get you the results you want. There are many different companies that sell authentic corsets online.
You should also look into purchasing a corset liner. Just as it sounds, this is a piece of breathable fabric that you wear between your corset and your skin if you are wearing the corset as an undergarment. You are not able to wash corsets so it is very important to purchase liners as they will trap any sweat, dirt, etc that sticks to your body and can be washed, keeping your corset in better shape for a longer period of time.
When lacing your corset you must be sure that the lacing panel is straight. You can find a variety of tutorials on lacing corsets on websites such as Youtube.

Lack of care when lacing your corset can result in the corset being ruined, your bones being warped then digging into your back, or take drastic amounts of time off the life of your corset. You must also be sure to pay attention to the lines on your corset and be sure they are straight. If they are not straight it is either laced improperly, or your hips may be too big for the corset you purchased, which will cause you to not get the results you're looking for.

While there is no exact timing for how long it will take to see results due to where you're starting, your body shape, genetics, weight, etc, it is said that you should be reducing your trainer by 2 inches every two weeks if possible. Again, be sure that you are NOT moving too quickly in going down sizes on your trainer as it will result in pain and damage to your body. While the results you're looking for will be beautiful, rushing it and being in pain will not be! Beauty is not pain.