How long do I wear a waist trainer for?

Women everywhere dream of having an hour glass figure. Waist training is a wonderful way to compliment your efforts. Women can now choose to wear a corset that is specifically designed to trim down your tummy while wearing certain lingerie or a certain outfit. Another option is a waist cincher. Both options are perfect training tools for slimming down using the same process. 

Most women will try this option of thinning out because it does not require a whole lot of exercise or diet changes. Simply wear it each day and reap the benefits of a slimmer waist and accentuated hips. When considering this option it is important to do your research about the health risks of wearing this corset. So I am sure you are eager to get started on flattening that tummy! So the main question is how long do you need to wear a waist trainer? Most people will shoot for a seven day trial period. 

Consistency is key in using this method. The first week should be thought of as a trial run. You can wear this product for two hours on your first day. On your second day it is recommended that you move up to four hours. Comfort is key. If at anytime the user feels uncomfortable it is a good idea to remove the corset. By day three the wearer should be able to wear a waist trainer for six hours. Light exercise is a good step at this point to maximize your results. 

By day four the waist trainer should start to feel like a welcomed part of your skin. You can now wear it up to eight hours or more as you see fit.Your appetite will shrink as your stomach shrinks. Don't worry, by day five you will be able to wear the waist trainer for up to nine hours or more. At this point cardio is not recommended. 

By day seven you are down to the wire. This is the point where the woman has to make the choice whether or not she wants to continue waist training. Everyone has a different body structure so it is possible for each persons waist training time to be different. 

It is important to note that genes play an important factor in maintaining, loosing, or gaining weight. It is also important to note that waist training is not a permanent solution to an hourglass figure. A healthy lifestyle is key.