How Long Should You Wear A Corset Per Day?

The purpose of wearing a corset is to try to shrink down the inches that you have on your waist. It is a goal that many of us have, but only some will bother to do anything about. It is therefore important to look at how long per day one might wear a corset in order to accomplish the goals that they seek to accomplish. 

Your First Week 

Do not expect that you are going to wear your corset for a long period of time during the first week that you begin to wear one at all. You should try to think of this as a sort of practice week and prepare yourself for the reality that you may not feel comfortable or like wearing a corset at all. It happens to a lot of people, and it means that they end up giving up on the whole project before it has really had the chance to take hold with them in the first place. 

You might try wearing your corset for one hour per day during the first week that you are wearing them at all. You can consider it a fantastic accomplishment to even reach that amount of time per day in your first week or doing it. This may not seem like you have accomplished a lot, but you really have. If you can bare it for one hour per day in the first week, then this may be a sign that you are able to do even better than that. 

As You Build Up Your Ability To Wear It 

Anyone who wants success in their waist training program by wearing a corset should try to realize that they will be working up to the point where they are able to wear one for about ten hours or more per day! Since that is such a lofty goal, it is best to break it up into little chunks that are more manageable for you. If you can handle one hour per day the first week, then double it for the second week, and continue to double it until you reach the ten hour mark. 

Honestly, the time will likely pass by pretty quickly for you as you won't notice the small changes week to week until all of the sudden you realize that you are wearing a corset for the vast majority of your day. At that point, you are likely to start to see some major results from your hard work. That is when you can finally start to feel happy that you took on this whole endeavor in the first place. 

Whenever you feel uncomfortable wearing your corset you should take it off and discontinue using it for that day. However, you should do your best to push through as much as you can for the simple fact that doing so means that you will see more results than you otherwise would. If you can keep that goal in mind the entire time, then you are going to be in great shape to make some real changes to your waistline.