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how long should you wear waist trainer

August 28, 2018

Waist trainers have long been viewed as an effective way of slimming the waist and accentuating curves to look better. While many people have worn the trainers effectively, there seems to be a lot of misinformation regarding how long they should be worn in order to be safe and to function at their optimal best. We aim to set the record straight here and answer the question about just how long a waist trainer should be worn for. 

The Seven Day Principle 

In general, it is advised that those wearing the waist trainer do so, at first, for seven days in order to attain maximum results. If the results are positive, the trainer can be worn for up to two months. That being said, there are guidelines in place as to how long each day the trainer should be worn. It is important to follow these suggestions in order to achieve the waist size reduction you are looking for, while remaining safe at the same time. 

Day #1 

The waist trainer should only be worn for two hours on the first day. You should not put it on until you have sufficiently broken the trainer in, so as to avoid any corresponding discomfort during the process. Of course, the time can be adjusted slightly on this first day in order to account for your own unique needs and body shape. 

Day #2 

The second day calls for the waist trainer to be worn for roughly four hours. It is important for first time wearer’s of the trainer to understand going into the process that their body will feel quite constrained during these first few days. This is because the body must get used to the trainer, but it will do so quickly. That being said, you should remove the waist trainer if you cannot bear the discomfort it brings, of if you experience any pinching or pain sensations. 

Day #3 

The waist trainer should be worn for a maximum of six hours on day 3. In addition, you should do stretches and roughly twelve minutes of cardiovascular exercise. If you have experience with he waist trainer, you can increase the time on day 3 to a maximum of eight hours if you feel so inclined. 

Day #4 

The waist trainer should be worn for at least eight hours a day on day four. The compression that the trainers brings to your waist area will begin to have an impact on your eating habits, likely resulting in fewer large meals being consumed. 

Day #5 

The goal of day five should be nine hours of wear, combined with twenty minutes of cardio vascular exercise. 

Day #6 

The target for day six is now ten hours. If you feel comfortable doing that, you can try to sustain it for up to eight weeks. 

Day #7 

Again, the trainer should be worn for ten hours and be combined with healthy eating and at least twenty minutes of exercise.

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