how many hours a day to wear waist trainer

August 28, 2018

Let's be honest; the classic hourglass figure is one many women try hard to achieve with a signature narrow waist that defines the bosom and hips. This kind of silhouette keeps everything in proportion and flatters a slender, average or heavy body shape. 

That is why the waist trainer remains one of the finest beauty garments for women because it works when properly worn and a sound diet and exercise routine are followed. 

All you have to do is check out today's favorite celebrities, and a number of these women have admitted to wearing a waist trainer to get back in shape after having a baby, to maintain their curvy body or to improve their figure's unique proportions. 

How to wear the waist trainer becomes essential when seeking impressive results, and the number of hours you wear the waist trainer and the corset regimen you follow matter. 

For instance, Autumn Adamme, owner of Dark Garden Corsetry & Couture in San Francisco, is an expert on waist training. She was interviewed by about wearing one of these body shapers and recommended to start out slowly. In other words, do not wear the waist trainer all day and all night. You want to gradually and effectively reduce your natural waist size. 

Ms. Adamme advises buying a waist trainer off the rack, to begin with, and get used to having it on. If the compression garment feels uncomfortable, loosen it, or take it off. If it feels good on, wear it daily for a few hours, and keep up the routine. 

Most corset training experts suggest slowly adding a half an hour to an hour of wear every day. 

Within a few weeks, you will be accustomed to the shaping effects of the garment. At that time. you will find it comfortable to wear the waist trainer for at least eight hours. Having it on for up to twelve hours daily is a number to strive for. 

There are women who commit to wearing a waist trainer for upwards of 23 hours daily. A lot of women wear them for their eight-hour workday, and others don the waist trainer only at night when they go to bed. 

It all depends on the goals you have set out and the results you are seeking. Every woman's body is unique in weight, height and shape. Reducing the natural waist size is different for each woman out there. 

Having a smaller waist can show off an attractively proportioned silhouette. It's a beauty trend that has picked up major steam in the last few years, and it remains a very popular way to get that dream body.