How to Hide a Waist Trainer Under Your Clothes

One of the main problems with waist training is that it can be difficult to hide the trainer underneath your clothes. Because waist trainers have to be worn for multiple hours a day in order to achieve results, you may need to run errands or meet with family and friends while it's being worn. Hiding the trainer allows you to trim your waist without the worry that everyone around you knows what you're wearing underneath your clothes. 

Choosing the Clothing You Wear 
When waist training, wearing a very tight shirt or dress is only going to accentuate that you're wearing something underneath. Try to opt for baggier and looser-fitting clothing so that you can still wear the waist trainer without the bulk that might show. Plus, wearing a baggier shirt won't make your torso look bulky, as some trainers can be quite thick and will cause you to look heavier than you actually are. 

Picking a Slimmer Waist Trainer 
If you would rather wear a tight fitting shirt or don't want to worry about the thought of the trainer showing through, opt for a slimmer waist trainer that isn't as bulky as some on the market. Waist trainers come in many different styles and sizes, so it is relatively easy for you to find one that is thinner but still does the job effectively. While some people feel that a thicker waist trainer is more efficient, you'll find that thinner ones are just as good but do not show as much underneath clothing of any kind. 

Wearing It At Home Only 
Because some people may find it embarrassing to wear a waist trainer that could potentially show underneath their clothing, it is a good idea for you to only wear the trainer when you're in the comfort of your own home. In order to get optimal results from the trainer, it must be worn for several hours in a day. Some women find that it benefits them to wear the trainer in the afternoon and evening when they're more likely to be home. Others wear it right upon waking so that they can get their waist trim before they have to leave for work, to run errands or to go to school. When wearing the trainer at home, you won't need to worry that it's showing through your clothing because no one knows you're wearing it but you. 

Waist training has been done for years and is quickly making a comeback for women who want a thin waist. It is an effective and relatively safe trimming method that is easy to do even if you're new to the concept. In order for the waist trainer to not show through clothing, be sure to take precautions on the specific clothing that you're wearing as well as when and how you're wearing it. If need be, opt for a lighter and thinner trainer if you're having issues with the garment being too bulky when worn under clothes.