What Does a Body Shaper Do?

Body shapers come in different designs, but they all provide one common benefit. Each design helps to temporarily contour the look of one or more parts of the body. While the effect is not permanent, it can help the wearer achieve the desired look for a few hours. Based on the type of shaper you use, expect the following benefits. 

Stomach Shapers 

A popular option for men and women is the stomach shaper. These shapers are worn under the clothing and help to hold the stomach in. Some shapers are known as corsets and can be loosened or tightened to decrease the waist as well as flatten the stomach. 

The designs will vary slightly. The corset design opens along the front or the back, making it relatively easy to put on the undergarment. The waistline on some corsets can be adjusted to create a more pronounced hourglass shape. Athletic shapers help to hold in the tummy and can be worn while walking, running, or working out. 

Athletic shapers are typically one-piece and may not include zippers or catches. Instead, they are slipped over the hips and settled in position. These shapers are made using materials designed to increase perspiration in the stomach area. Some people swear by these garments as a way to loose weight while others claim they produce no permanent results. 

Control Camisole 

A control camisole helps to streamline the upper body and the tummy. Many designs are constructed so the bottom of the body shaper will not roll upward. Women find this type of undergarment ideal for creating a look that’s seamless from the shoulders all the way down to the hips. 


A singlet is a a body shaping device that works great for the woman who can’t find a control camisole with the proper breast size. This type of control garment includes briefs that help to shape the upper thighs as well as the tummy. A bonus of the singlet is that it’s a fine choice if you want to shape the midriff but also want to wear some type of plunging neckline. 

Leg Shapers 

There are body shapers designed to contour the legs and thighs. Control tights are a good example. These slip on with ease and help to hold in the tummy, thighs, and upper legs. They also provide some shaping to the lower legs. Leg shapers are particularly helpful if you want to eliminate lines when wearing some type of tight-fitting skirt or gown. 

Arm Shapers 

There are even body shapers designed to define the contours of the upper arms. Unlike the other types of shaping devices, some arm shapers are designed for wearing on the outside rather than under the clothing. You can wear them with some type of long-sleeved shirt or blouse, but they are also attractive enough to be worn with some kind of sleeveless garment. Typically, these are marketed as light control devices, which means you can wear them for longer periods of time. 

These are only a few of the examples of body shapers. In each case, they help to modify the shape of your body for a short time. Keep in mind none of these garments are meant to be worn around the clock. While you may be able to wear the body shapers for most of the day, they should come off the moment you return home.