What Happens if You Wear a Corset Everyday

So long as you practice safe corsetry and pay attention to what your body is telling you, wearing a corset every day has many benefits — not the least of which is the classic hourglass shape. Safe corsetry begins with making sure that you choose a corset that is right for your body. This is imperative for not only ensuring that you aren’t hurting your body but also that you are training your waist properly. Once you’ve found the right corset, you need to break it in gradually — a process called seasoning. 

There is a great deal of information — and misinformation — about waist training. If you are considering waist training, you are probably wondering if you may end up doing long term damage to your body if you wear a corset or waist trainer too often. Wearing a corset or waist trainer every day is safe. 

Waist training is the process of using a steel boned corset to shape your body into a more exaggerated hourglass figure. To achieve the hourglass look, internal organs and the floating ribs are shifted a bit through the gradual increased cinching of the corset. MRIs taken of regular corset wearers have shown that the stomach and liver shifted above the waistline.This shifting of internal organs has not been shown to cause any serious health consequences. 

What happens to a body from waist training will vary from person to person. There are several factors that play a roll in how your body takes to waist training: 
  • If you following a weight loss regimen, in addition to waist training.
  • How long you wear your corset each day.
  • How many days a week you wear your corset.
  • If your corset is more or less tightly laced.
  • Most importantly — individual genetics.

On the whole, most people who practice waist training can expect to see a gradual reduction in the size of the natural waist. It is important to note that waist training achieves only semi-permanent results. Like any body modification routine, in order to maintain the results, consistent and regular maintenance is recommended. 

In addition to the shaping benefits of wearing a corset for waist training, most wearers notice a distinct improvement in their posture. Some wearers who have had chronic back problems notice a significant decrease in their pain. For some, since the corset acts like an eternal LAP band, weight loss is another positive side effect.
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