What Needs to be done within 7 days of wearing a waist trainer

October 14, 2017

ut cushions or pillows. You will find your own path with your trainer once you get started. By the time you have worn it for eight weeks, your trainer will feel like a part of you. You may try different styles during the day or at night. You can experiment to find the trainer that gives you the most comfort. When you are comfortable, you will discover that your trainer is like an old friend. You will especially love the way it changes your figure for the best.

Here is a perfect guide to help you use the waist trained well and trim your natural waistline to the required shape.

A Quick Checklist for waist trainers
• Make sure that your waist trainer fits tight enough and offers room for you to pull your waist in well up to the third hook closure. The waist trainer will not serve any purpose if it is not tight enough
• The waist trainer should have enough structure not to roll over your waist. It is an indication that the waist shaper used is too small
• The shaper of the trainer should be able to close properly without any bulges
• Expect the entire garment to feel a bit uncomfortable until you get used to it with time

What Needs to be done within 7 Days of Wearing the Thinner
The process of waist training is a gradual process that needs patience. You will be able to get an idea of whether waist training is for you in just 7 days. Make sure not to over train during this period.

Day 1

Put on the slimming garment for 2 hours after breaking in your waist trainer. The amount of time can be adjusted based on individuals as you may consider 3 hours for the first 3 days

Day 2

Put it on for 4 hours. Prepare to feel constricted if you are a beginner, but it shouldn’t worry you as your body gets accustomed to it quickly.

Day 3

Make today's training limit at least 6 hours with the belt on. Engage in doing stretches while incorporating at least 12 minutes of cardio.

Day 4

Make it 8 hours a day. The compression effect affects your normal eating habits as you may not be able to eat larger meals. 

Day 5

Results are stunning at this point if the waist trainer is prepared well with healthy eating habits and good physical exercise. Extend it at this point and make it 9 hours, while pushing the cardio to 20 minutes.

Day 6

There is much more comfort with the waist trainer on by the 6th day. Put it on for 10 hours a day.

Day 7

Women have different body systems and sizes. Based on the nature of your physical body, try more than 10 hours a day with the waist trainer on while maintaining a good diet program and physical exercise. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of results should I expect?

A. The results of waist training depend on many factors including
• How long you put on the waist trainer on a daily basis
• The number of days you put on the waist trainer on a daily basis
• How tight the waist trainer fits 
• If you strictly adhere to the weight loss and exercise program

Is it possible to sleep in my waist trainer?

A. It is medically recommended not to sleep in any compression garments. The number of hours indicated is enough waist training and nights should be considered as a break from the training process. 

Can the waist trainer work to shape the area around my lower tummy as well?

A. Possible. With a longer torso or hanging stomach, you can use a 3 row hook-and-eye closure waist trainer that is long enough to reach the 2 row versions.

Make sure your waist trainer is only hand washed as other methods could ruin the garment.