What To Wear With Your Corset

The question of what to wear with a corset has plagued both men and women for as long as corsets have existed, which, by the way, was around the middle of the 16th century. At that time, they were known as a “pair of bodies.” Both men and women wore corsets that were made of sturdy fabrics like canvas as well as highly decorated silk and satin fabrics. 

Fortunately, we no longer have to wear yards and yards of fabric with our corsets like they did in the middle ages. You can, in fact, wear just about nothing with your corset depending on your venue and your planned activity. Corsets can be worn with or without a bra but if you’re going without a bra, make sure your corset is securely fastened so you avoid possible wardrobe malfunctions. 

Casual Wear 

During warm weather, corsets look great when paired with shorts or a mini skirt and sandals. Opt for casual shorts and a denim corset with a floppy hat and sunglasses for casual outings. A silk or satin corset goes well with dressier shorts or a mini skirt and can take you from an afternoon out to an evening out with only a small change of accessories. 

Date Night 

If you want to spice up your date night, pair a sexy corset with long gloves and a leather skirt or shorts. Stilettos are a given, stockings are optional. 


Many brides opt for a corset for their big day. It’s sexy and whittles the waist for that hourglass figure. A corset, properly laced, can enhance the bosom and provide spectacular cleavage. 

If you’re new to wearing corsets and want to wear one for your wedding day, you’ll want to practice wearing one first. Corsets fit differently than bras and you may need to rethink your corset design before your big day. Start by wearing it from one to two hours a day for several days. Gradually lace it tighter and increase the time you wear it so that the corset becomes molded to your body shape. It should take about two weeks to work up to wearing your corset for six to eight hours a day. 

If your wedding corset is for looks only, you’ll probably not achieve the hourglass effect you’re going for. 

Waist Training 

Some types of clothing hide a corset better than others. If you’re wearing a corset for waist training purposes and don’t want it to be noticed, opt for heavier weight fabrics. Dresses that flare at the waist and tops that are ruched in the middle or have gathers or ruffles are good at hiding a corset. Lightweight fabrics and clingy dresses won’t hide your waist training corset so you might want to avoid them. 

Have Fun! 

What you wear with you corset will depend on the purpose for which you’re wearing it, but whatever the reason, have fun with your corset! A corset that has been properly fitted to you can be more comfortable than your underwire and a lot more fun. Wear your corset alone or with other tops, with any kind of shorts, pants, or skirt that strikes your fancy, and accessorize accordingly. Corsets aren’t for wallflowers though, you’ll be noticed if you’re wearing a corset so get ready for lots of attention.