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Men's Waist Trainer

How Long Should You Wear A Waist Trainer?
The purpose of a waist trainer is to gradually reduce the size of the waist with consistent wear. For the best results, it is recommended that you wear a waist trainer daily for a minimum of 8 hours. Some women choose to wear their cinchers for more than 10 hours daily. As you become more comfortable wearing the trainer, you should increase the amount of time you waist train. 

It is important to note that beginners may find the cincher to be restrictive and uncomfortable at first. Therefore, they may not be able to wear the waist trainer for a duration of 8 hours or more in the beginning. When first starting with a trainer, it should be worn only a few hours at a time. Try wearing the trainer for 1-2 hours on the first day. Steadily increase the duration by an extra half hour to an hour. How often you increase the duration depends upon how quickly your body adjusts to the waist trainer and personal preference. It is not recommended to increase the amount of time by more than one hour each day. 

Once you have become accustomed to wearing your trainer, an 8-10 hour shift should not be difficult to follow. After daily, consistent wear of the waist trainer, you may begin noticing that the corset no longer has a snug fit. At this stage, it may be time to purchase a smaller trainer and start over if you desire continued results. 

How often you wear the waist trainer will determine the results you receive. However, it is important to listen to your body. While it is recommended to wear the trainer for at least 8 hours for optimal results, your body will tell you when it is time to slow down. Over time, you will notice results and realize how much training your body can tolerate. Overtraining can cause damage to the body. When determining the right about of time to wear the waist trainer, consider whether the garment causes issues such as bruising, pinching, skin irritation, or even difficulty breathing. If any of these problems occur, you may have to adjust the garment itself or reduce the number of hours the waist trainer is worn. 

Overall, results and the rate of progress vary for everyone. In order to reach the 8-10 hour desired goal, you must to be patient with your body. Attempting to accelerate waist training can lead to extreme discomfort or even health problems. It is advised to move at a slow and steady pace so that you can continue your waist training journey.